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Mystical Empress Magical Relationships

Quantum Techniques to Enhance Relationships

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“For every relationship dream you desire, the quantum field requires a version of you who embodies that desire.  This is a book about shifting you to be the version of the person who is already living their relationship dreams.  If you were already this version, you would already be living your dreams.  We often fail to realize that our dreams require something of us.  They require a certain set of beliefs, attitudes, and actions.”

Unique in its approach, Mystical Empress Magical Relationships simplifies quantum physics theories into fun & easy magical techniques to enhance your relationship experiences! This book offers you a hearty explanation and application of quantum shifting & law of attraction techniques. Through alternate versions of reality, time line hopping, and psychic perceptions, you will learn how to: attract new love; improve personal and professional connections; evolve lifetime relationships; align with soul mates; and gracefully navigate relationship endings. Your relationships with lovers, spouses, relatives, friends and co-workers will magically shift as you easily mold the energy of your world.

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Early on, I learned relationships were the greatest classroom for self discovery.  Most people go through life playing victim to others’ actions & words, never suspecting they created “other.”  I also learned through my research, revisions, and shifts that I could create anything I wanted, with one catch: the manifestation would always be a PERFECT match to my current personality.” Charis Farfalla

Early acclaim for Mystical Empress Magical Relationships

“I am very excited that Charis has written this book to share her wisdom. Brenda is a very gifted and connected spiritual channel. She helped hundreds of seekers while advising in “The Lighthouse of Boulder.” We expect Mystical Empress Magical Relationships to be a tremendous asset to our customers. —Rick Manville, owner & founder of iconic, Lighthouse Bookstore, Boulder, CO
“BRAVO!!!” Charis’s illumined book is a Celebration of ALL things Wonder-filled & Magical. It is a MIGHTY work of the Heart whose Time has Come. Reading it will have you delightfully turning every page with joy. I applaud her brilliance for bringing practical enchantments, secrets of dreams coming true & the art of creating a loving and lasting relationship into a sumptuous and effective plan of action. Prepare to BE Ahhh-Mazed, as you too will be most enthusiastic & join in Brenda’s earned ovation. It is the consummate gift of wisdom that will continue giving! —Sharyn G. Jordan-Hathcock, Author of the best-selling novel “The Home Whisperer, Treasures of the Inner and Outer Home.”
What to expect from Mystical Empress Magical Relationship book–
For those who are searching for love, we follow a definable road map with many hidden treasures. For those who desire positive changes in their personal and professional relationships, we apply tools for harmony & longevity. For those who have loved & lost, we find renewed hope in what was once thought to be lost.
By reading Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, you will learn to:
♡ Simply apply quantum energy techniques for greater relationship awareness
♡ Examine early childhood conditioning as precursor for relationship expectations and patterns
♡ Design and manifest your ideal romantic relationships
♡ Redefine and improve your existing personal relationships
♡ Discover astrological life cycles that influence the evolution of relationships
♡ Understand what soul mate love is all about
♡ Manifest soul mate relationships
♡ Gracefully navigate relationship endings

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“Anything you desire to be, do, or have, is already an alternate reality enjoying its existence. Through these [quantum] techniques you can line up with your dream version and call it into your conscious awareness now.”

Where to buy?

Mystical Empress Magical Relationships book is distributed to bookstores nationwide through New Leaf Distributing.  In Colorado, paperbacks are now available at Lighthouse Bookstore, Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, For Heaven’s Sake and here online.  Kindle & paperback are carried on Amazon.

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About the Author: Charis Farfalla

Mystical Empress Charis Farfalla holds a BA in Legal Studies, a Masters in Metaphysics, and professional certification in Feng Shui. She is an astrologer, shaman, feng shui practitioner, horticulturist, artist, writer, actress, and intuitive. She has written for various new age magazines, such as Indigo Sun, Transformations, and her monthly “Feng Shui Q&A” for Delta Style Magazine.
She’s spent 19 years in private consulting & teaching her shamanism, quantum life coaching, astrological analysis, intuitive readings, and Feng Shui consultations. Charis works closely with God, angelic helpers, ancestors, totem animals, plant and mineral kingdom, star beings, and the fairy realm. She shows you how easy it is to blend quantum energy techniques into your personal needs and dreams! She is a powerful spiritual guide for your soul’s path. To learn more about Mystical Empress  Charis Farfalla’s services & workshops, please go to

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 Mystical Empress Magical Relationships presentations in 2 formats:

1.5-2hour presentation.  Attendees will learn:
How quantum principles define 3D-reality and apply to relationships
The 3 most important magical tools for attracting and harmonizing all relationships, via
Time Line Revisions, Shifting Particle Realities, & Application of Extrasensory Perceptions).
4 hour workshop.  Attendees will learn:
Quantum physics principles defining 3D-reality and relationships
Early childhood conditioning as pre-requisite to adult relating
Neural net programming influences the landscape of your reality
Tools for attracting love relationships
Soul mate dynamics
Improving long term/lifetime relationships
Understanding and embracing change in relationship
Navigating relationship endings: death, breaks and divorce
to request scheduling for presentations and workshops at your venue, please contact Mystical Empress 720-965-0062 or EMAIL MYSTICAL EMPRESS>